Hammel Woods Dam Removal

In 2021, LDRWC worked with the Forest Preserve District of Will County to remove the dam on the DuPage River at Hammel Woods in Shorewood. Allowing the river to flow freely is a big step forward in improving the health of the river. In addition to the dam removal, an accessible new kayak and canoe launch was created downstream of the dam site 

Why Remove the Dam?

Most low-head dams like the dam at Hammel Woods no longer serve their original purpose. At the same time, these dams hurt aquatic ecosystems and are safety hazards for people.

As we look to restore and protect the health of our local streams, one of the most cost-effective projects we can do is to remove or modify dams. In one move, dam removal allows fish passage, improves dissolved oxygen levels, restores habitat and creates safe passage for paddlers. There have been several successful dam removal projects across northeastern Illinois, opening up hundreds of miles of free-flowing streams.