Watershed U

Wade through these pages to learn about your local rivers and streams.

To best care for local waterways, we first need to understand how they function, what lives in them, and what impacts their health.

A watershed is an area of land that channels rain into a common body of water.

Surface water and groundwater are connected, so pollutants that get into our rivers and streams can enter groundwater.

Water quality is more than you may think! Learn about how we access water quality in rivers and streams.

Meanders, riffles, pools, and more! A stream’s form impacts the health of the ecosystem.

Healthy rivers are teeming with life, from minnows and bass to dragonflies and crayfish. Find out who’s living in the rivers and streams near you.

Restoring streams to a more natural state is often the best way to improve the health of local waterways.

Kayaking, canoeing, and fishing are popular ways to enjoy the waterways that flow through our community.


Critters in Our Waterways: Meet the Freshwater Mussel

Freshwater mussels are important members of the aquatic community, but face several challenges today.