Detention Basins

Stormwater ponds can be beautiful amenities in the communities they serve. However, they need to be maintained so they continue to function properly as part of our stormwater management infrastructure. Some Homeowners Associations are not aware of their stormwater pond maintenance responsibilities.

Below are resources about detention basins to share with your community:

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An informational guide to common problems impacting the function of stormwater ponds. This handout can be used in conjunction with the “Shoreline Erosion,” “Blocked Inlet and Outlet Structures,” and “Invasive Species” blog posts.

Other Resources

Learn why native plants are used to help filter, cleanse and cool rain run-off; where they are used; and how they are maintained.

Learn the why, where and how to create native areas for stormwater Best Management Practices, the many benefits they provide, and how to keep them looking and working their best.

Why do we have neighborhood ponds? How can we help keep them clean and beautiful? And how can native plants work to do this?