Native Plants

Native plants benefit our community in several ways. Native plants have deep root systems that help infiltrate rainwater, reducing the amount of water that runs off into our storm sewer system. They also create habitat for beneficial native species, like bees and butterflies, and can be just as attractive as traditional landscaping.

Below are resources about native plants to share with your community:

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Learn how to start designing your own native garden and about beautiful, native plants that will attract pollinators to your garden.

Join TCF’s Nancy Cinatl to learn about how to design your native plant gardens to not only help your plants thrive, but also give your home that “curb appeal.”

Jamie gives you an overview of Conservation@Home and covers topics like native plants, rain barrels, and rain gardens.


A guide for landscaping with environmental friendly native plants that support wildlife and infiltrate rainwater into the ground.

Learn about the butterflies in our area and what you can plant at home to attract them.

Native Plant Garden Designs - Garden Refresh Plans

Native plant garden design and plant list for full sun gardens.

Native plant garden design and plant list for shade and partial shade gardens.